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A look inside the academy of Atletico de Madrid Coach Education Tour 1/2/3 June

As we prepare for our very exclusive Coach Education Tour to Atletico de Madrid over 1/2/3 June all our coaches are looking forward to an outstanding schedule that will provide an opportunity to observe a range of age group coaching sessions throughout the study visit alongside presentations. It is great to have different levels of coaches travelling across to Spain from aspiring young coaches to senior professional academy & 1st Team coaching staff. The event will allow all our coaches to observe , share ideas and be totally immersed in the vision , coaching philosophies , playing style and be part of the Atletico de Madrid culture led by the charismatic Diego Simeone. The club has again continued to build on their recent successes enjoying a very successful campaign losing out to their close rivals in final stages of the Champions League and again for the La Liga title.

So I will look deep behind the scenes of the Deportivo Ciudad Wanda Training Complex where I will attempt to unravel and pick through my observations , presentations and discussions with the academy coaches of Atletico de Madrid about what exactly are the hidden secrets  , the football ingredients , the characteristics and culture that provide the formula for young players to flourish and develop in Spain. Will I see anything ground breaking ,  pioneering , revolutionary and perhaps radical I doubt it, but it will be about the systematic way the coaches deliver and the competitive cauldron that is created both in their training and competition games program. I have studied and listened to much discussion about the coaching and development of young players in Spain where at last I can now observe, sense and get a feeling for myself about what are the key components , the sought after ingredients  , the talent rich pools that make up the hidden formula that seems to formulate much of the Holy Grail of coaching particularly in Spain.

I will be observing many different coaching sessions whilst watching the style , delivery and skills of the coaching staff to see first hand and understand about the different coaching environments that are created and how it meets with the vision and values of Atletico de Madrid. A recent presentation with Matthew Syed certainly made me think about creating a High Performance Culture and how we innovate and look at ways and reasons to improve what we do and how we do it.

We will visit a local tournament and observe how the young players of Atletico de Madrid will perform and deal with being exposed to playing in a pressured environment , about the winning and what exactly wearing the badge of Atletico means to each player. Competitive leagues and tournaments are a common trend across many European countries where there is a part of me that thinks we are missing a trick that will contribute to enhancing the formula for our young players in the UK. I have always been about setting and presenting different sets of experiences and challenges to players however how can we as coaches prepare them if indeed we have not been through part of this process as well.

The schedule has been carefully planned to provide a selection of coaching sessions across all age groups with a range of presentations across different disciplines where we hear about and observe the emerging young players of Atletico de Madrid perform in their highly competitive academy games program. The schedule will allow full access to the Ciudad Wanda Deportivo Training Complex where our coaches can openly share and discuss the training methods and LTPD of Atletico de Madrid. We will visit the very soon to be replaced iconic Estadio Vincente Calderon to hear about all the history and tradition of the home of Atletico de Madrid.

All provisions are in place in what will be an outstanding experience for all our coaches across all levels to gain insights into high performance training programs and modern day training strategies for elite players at one of Europes most recent successful clubs under the the leadership of Diego Simeone. Please look out for Social Media where we will keep the coaching fraternity updated with all information and pictures regarding the Coach Education Tour @EurofootballE

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