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4-5 April Berlin Easter Cup Male U11,U13,U15AB ,U17,U19
23-24 May Dynamo Dresden Cup Male U11,,U13,U15,U17
4-5 April Strausberg Cup Male U9, U11,U13,U15,
4-5 April Bavaria Cup Karlsfield Munich* Male U11,,U13,U15,U17,
4-5 April FSG Benseim Pokal Heidleberg* Male U11,,U13,U15,U17
4-5 April Bayern Trophy Munich* Male U9,U11.U13,15,17,U19
15-16 May SC Bayer 05 Uredegen Pokal Dusseldorf* Male U11,,U13,U15,U17
23-24 May Duisberg-Wedau Cup* M Male U11,,U13,U15,U17
14-15 June Cologne Cup* Male U13,U15,U17,U19
23-24 May IVO Velden** Male U13

We are continuing to update our Tournaments where you can register your enquiry or contact us regarding information and requests on tournaments and destinations that are not listed.