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4-9 October San Vincent Costa Brava Cup Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U17
11-16 October Malgrat Costa Brava Trophy Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U17
18-23 October Friendship Cup Costa Brava Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U15,18
25-26 October Barcelona Cup Male U8-U15
12-15 February Mare Nostrum Girls Elite Cup Female U13,U15,U17 & Open
28 March-2 April Blanes Cup Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U15,U17
3-6 April Copa Costa Santa de Barcelona Maresme (Lloret International Cup) Male U9-U17 & U19Female U15,U17 & Open
2-5 April Mare Nostrum Cup Salou Male U8,U10,U12,U14,U16,U19Female U19
2-5 April Valencia CF Cup Easter Tournament Male U8,U10,U12,U14 U16 & U19Female U16 & Open
11-12 April Barcelona Cup Male U8, U10,U12,U14
17-20 April Costa Blanca Easter Cup Male U11-16 & U18-19
Female U13-16 & U19
6-11 April Tossa Copa Merasme Mediterranean Trophy Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U15,U17 & Open
1 -5 April MIC Mediterranean Cup (Costa Brava) Male U13,U15,U17,U19
3-5 April Torneo Calvia Mallorca Cup (Majorca) Male U8-U16 U18 & U19Female U13,U15,U17 & Open
2-3 May Copa Ibiza Tournament Male U8-U16
16-17 May Barcelona Cup (girls) Female U9-U16
30-31 May Barcelona Football Festival Male U12,U13,U14,U15
23-28 May Whitsun Trophy (Pentecostes) Med Cup Costa Brava Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U15, U17 & Open
26-29 May Copa Catulauna* Costa Brava Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U15 & U17
29 June – 4 July Barcelona Summer Cup Male U10-U19
Female U14, U16, & U19
24-27 June Iber Cup Costa del Sol (Marbella) Male U9-U17Female U15,U17
22-27 June Cotif Youth Cup Valencia Male U9-U16
28th June – 4th July Spain Youth Soccer Spain Male U11,U13,U15,U17,U19Female U17
21 – 27 June Copa Catalunya Summer Cup Costa Brava Male U9-U17, U19Female U15,U17
6 – 11 July Donosti Cup San Sebastian Real Sociedad (North) Male U10-16 & U19
Female U12, U14, U16, U18 & Open
6 – 12 July Valencia CF Cup Easter Tournament Male U8,U10,U12,U14 U16 & U19Female U16 & Open
6 – 11 July Barcelona Cup (Spain) Male U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18
Female U16 & Open
6 – 11 July Costa Blanca Cup Summer Cup Male U11-16 & U18-19
Female U13-16 & U19
12 – 18 July The Gasteiz Tournament Alava Northern Spain Male U11,U12,U14,U16 & U18
Female U12,U14,U16, U18 & Open
20 – 25 July Torrevieja Cup Male U11-17 & U19
Female U12-17 & U19

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